Petroleum Projects & Services - 15 years experiences
P.P.S is offering the best prices and the highest quality.
Delivering significant projects to international clients & local clients.
Our founders have over 30 years of experience in Oil & Gas , Petrochemicals , Power and Fertilizers.


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P.P.S is a trading & services company that is deeply rooted in the Egyptian market with strong international business exposure and industry know-how in diverse sectors. P.P.S drives its strengths from its excellent position in the local market and the knowledge of its content, together with its professional understanding of the intentional business best practices within the sectors it serves. With this, P.P.S strive always to provide unique value added to its clients, international partners, subcontractors, and all of its stakeholders.

Since its inception, PPS has been serving a variety of industrial sectors in Egypt, engaging in the design, installation, maintenance, and revamping of specialized solutions for the Oil and Gas, Power, petrochemicals and Fertilizers industries.

At P.P.S, we are proud of the History of Founders, Our founders have over 30 years of experience in Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power and Fertilizers, which enables P.P.S to offer the best prices and the highest quality.

Petroleum Projects & Services

Eng. Sabry EL Kholy

Managing Director

Our directors and management team have successfully delivered significant projects to international clients and local clients and many others. We work together with our international partners towards mutual success and sustainable growth.


Our Vision

We envision PPS to be the best goods and services enterprise in the Egyptian Market, setting the bar in quality, value, and customer service.

Our Mission

It is PPS’s mission to ensure that our customers are afforded the best value for their investment by providing them with the finest products in the market and the most outstanding services possible. Furthermore, we endeavor to continuously create opportunities for the sustainable growth and enrichment of our enterprise, our people, and the communities in which we operate by perpetually exercising proficient and responsible corporate leadership.


P.P.S represents a number of global blue chip Principals. We provide value added services in relation to vendor registration, purchasing & preparation of Tenders. PPS acts as the focal point between the Client / End Users and Principal. PPS also provides local project information, opportunity and analysis, access to the marketplace. We assist in developing strategies, planning new tenders, contract execution and after sales support.
P.P.S provides support at both local and international EPIC level, offering access to the Egyptian network, providing market intelligence and fostering a trusted relationship with our industry’s Partners as part of Business Development offer. As a compliant and transparent organization, we pursue our Principals' needs in the most effective means, using our “customer corridor”.
P.P.S use it is local network to assist and help it is industry’s Partners to find a very qualified fabrication facility to fabricate their packages locally in Egypt under the full supervision of PPS QA/QC Engineers to ensure that same quality of our Principals has been applied as well as PPS provide Expeditors Engineers working at the site to expedite all fabrication process to deliver on time.
Engineering Services

PDP and Basic Engineering - Process Simulation - 3D Engineering - Detailed Engineering

Revamping & Retrofit Consulting Services
Energy Conservation and Efficiency Enhancement Feasibility Study
Project Management
Construction Supervision Services
Start-up and Training Services


ITT S.p.A.
Heaters & Reformers for Refineries & Petrochemical Plants

I.T.T. SpA. is a leading Italian Company, specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of reformers and fired heaters for global oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Carpenter & Paterson Ltd
Pipe Support Solutions Worldwide

Carpenter & Paterson Ltd was formed in 1956 to design and manufacture the “Witch” range of engineered pipe supports. Over the ensuing years the company has built up a business based on quality, reliability, competitiveness, and technical know-how. This has led to Carpenter & Paterson Ltd becoming one of the leading designers and manufacturers of Pipe Support systems worldwide.

Ball Valve Manufacture

Bremer Valves is a leading company in manufacturing valves. Established in 1947 near Milan by brothers Gianni and Renzo Merlini, with the aim of manufacturing high technology products, in the 60’s BREMER turned its interest to a innovative valve, new at the time: the ball valve. The valves department increased so much that the Merlini brothers decided to switch manufacturing only to ball valves.

Gas Compression Solutions

Enerproject designs, engineers, and manufactures packages for gas compression based on various technologies, as well as gas conditioning stations. With over 20 years of experience, our international presence and activity are supported by a strategic network of branches and agents around the world.

Q.O.C Manufacture

In Fulgosi S.r.l. they aim to develop products and advanced service as completely integrated solutions. Their high pressure Quick Opening Closures are designed, engineered and manufactured according to the most stringent international standards applicable to the Pressure Vessels for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry, but the revolution is represented by the integrated services so as to assure the best performance during the entire device life cycle in both terms of severe conditions as well as longest durability.

Paharpur Europe
Cooling Towers Manufacture

Founded in 1948, Paharpur is the world’s largest manufacturer of process cooling equipment with exports to over 50 countries around the world. With the complete range of wet and dry cooling technology, Paharpur caters to every cooling need of industries the world over.

Innovating Air Cooled Condensers

SPG Dry Cooling is a global leader in air cooled condensers & coolers with equipment installed all around the globe. Our success comes from our vast offering of dry cooling solutions which fall under many international patents. We come with the promise of excellence in quality and speed which we can uniquely deliver because of our in-house manufacturing plants. Headquartered in Europe, we are close to you, can deliver what you need and are ready to work.

Engineering & Construction

PETROSTAR SRL a team of technicians and engineers with a long experience in design, fabrication/assembly, commissioning and start-up of complete packages along with our services in the design and commissioning of electrical plants, automation and instrumentation of industrial processes in the following sectors: Oil & Gas, Power & Energy and Petrochemical.

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